Thursday, September 13, 2012

New political voice, to build a better future

Tell the truth and give examples of knowledge even more stupid is the way to win the election. Repeat until you understand.
The absurdity of the mantra of the Democrats "is to create a level playing field so that everyone has the same chance" is presented in an easy: the players are in two NFL teams required to wear ankle weights depending on the speed for everyone runs at the same speed. With the "regulators" stood beside radar guns start flags penalty if a player succeeds in breaking the limit somehow "official" rate.
Maybe someone slowly than fair for the players, but where is the justice for the player most capable and naturally gifted?
Are progressive "justice" can by trying to get all represented the lowest level of any situation in life. It is his vision, his promise.
The success or failure of a person to the actions you take based. We celebrate their success, and we strive to learn from them so that they can be successful. The actual observation, it is the success that invest often hand to help others, even more successful.
The idea of ​​equality is gradually perverted tested a failed experiment in all Communist countries, past and present. To ensure that everyone is equal, according to his doctrine, the law does not require the property. Why? To learn more, and then another that is not "equal", that's a ridiculous and absurd life.
How can you win this election? Keep to find and tell the truth, so that even an idiot can understand. Then repeat again and again until it sinks in. If the lies will finally realize believed the lies. Lies can be disproved because they are lies and that the truth is made so easy to understand.
The only place where we expect and demand an equal in our country in the field of law. Lady Justice is like the personal circumstances of the accused should never be seen, connected only evidence eyes. It is, moreover, is a subject of interest to black voters, for equal rights, in his experience, was a lie.
Our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, it's the truth about our Republic and the role of our government. Should be highlighted.